Data is the new Oil, and the Cloud is the Pump

Companies around the world are looking to cloud technologies to innovate and reduce costs. Regardless of the cloud platform or provider, these are the two biggest business goals driving the shift to the cloud and top of mind for CXOs across many industries.

As a leader in the AI/Machine Learning space, Neal Analytics has long been brought in to handle the most challenging innovation projects in the industry, but the most critical factor in the success of those projects is the data. According to a 2018 CIO Survey by IDG, data quality and availability challenges are hindering 96% of organizations from achieving their AI innovation goals.



Demystifying the Cloud to Enable Simple Business Decisions

We encounter many customers who have done some research and are interested in implementing a particular technology, such as Hadoop, a data lake, or cognitive services, but require the thought leadership and best practices to truly drive these goals to fruition.

Unfortunately, most firms simply look to sell the technology, leaving you with a data lake or cloud app infrastructure, but no actionable plan to leverage it for any business value beyond raw cost savings. Neal Analytics solves this with a true End-to-End approach.

Our Approach

From Ideation to Innovation, Neal Analytics offers services for each stage of your Digital Transformation Journey

Data and Analytics Business Roadmap Design

Our approach is simple:

  1. Work with executive leadership to drive core business alignment toward digital transformation goals.
  2. Identify the programs required to drive those business outcomes and provide thought leadership with innovation pilots
  3. Work back into the technology, data, and people required to support each program’s needs.



Business Scenario Sandbox & Data Platform Deployment

In order to drive internal understanding and the value story behind a modern data estate in the cloud, we offer cloud data platform development services built around proving out identified business scenarios using sandbox architectures.



Data Estate Modernization in the Cloud

Cloud migration is one of the hottest areas in industry today. With virtually every provider large and small claiming they know the cloud best, why choose Neal Analytics for your migration needs?

  1. We’re the leaders in helping businesses extract money from their data

Would you trust a consulting firm with no experience in analytics to set up your analytics data lake or data warehouse? We’ve seen the results and they’re not pretty. Build it right the first time with us.

  1. Our architectures are more future proof in a rapidly evolving landscape

Drive cost savings now while preserving flexibility in the light of growth and changing business needs

  1. Our agile approach ensures your stakeholders are informed and in control of every effort while our cloud data stewardship methodology ensures lean and responsible management

We provide managed services for efficient deployment and operation of cloud data platforms with knowledge transfer until your teams are ready to own it going forward



Enterprise Business Intelligence & Visualization

Once your data is available in a modern platform, it’s time to start turning it into competitive advantage. However, delivering data and reporting capabilities at scale in your business is harder than providers like Tableau, Microsoft, and Qlik make it seem. In our experience, what separates the leaders from the rest of the industry is good governance, not only with data, but with report versioning, individual access, and others.

In a modern cloud platform such as a data lake, data needed to contextualize forecasts, predictions, and streaming feeds is much easier to access and unify, leading to new capabilities and new challenges. As Neal Analytics brings nearly a decade of experience contextualizing machine learning outputs with business intelligence, we are the right partner to help you provide next-gen reporting and analysis capabilities.


Our approach maps out to two primary workflows:

Data Engineering & Data Model Design



Report Development & Data Governance



With this methodology, our team can work in an agile and sensible manner to develop your reporting capabilities from the ground up or assist in your buildout, no matter how far along you are. We will assess your data models, data quality, and support needs to design a reporting architecture that maps to your business needs. By combining the latest tooling and technology with a proven approach, Neal Analytics can reduce development cycles and unleash your data to put insights into the hands of your business users.


Driving Innovation with AI and Data Science

While it may be one of the hottest topics at conferences and in marketing campaigns, AI and the broader field of Data Science using Machine Learning is only truly leveraged in digitally mature organizations. With years of experience running POCs and Pilots on innovation budgets with data that often doesn’t support the desired outcome, our consultants have developed an approach to light up valuable capabilities while building the broader AI competency required to support it in production.

Similarly to BI & visualization, our approach has two key workflows:

Data Science Infrastructure & Model Development



Data-Driven Practice Development



The key difference being the increased focus on skill development and people. Our approach grows an AI competency in your business by bringing our data scientists’ vast knowledge to grow and mentor your team in the best practices and latest approaches to data science. While we can certainly run an outsourced data science function for your business, we prefer to set up centers of excellence which evangelize machine learning and provide true digital transformation by building a culture around humanizing data.

All this happens while we identify the most valuable and feasible business scenarios for AI in your business. We iteratively deliver real outcomes that increase in value as the model is refined. Over time, the modeling data repository is developed which makes lighting up new capabilities more of a modest incremental effort than a heavy lift.

Our approach, End to End: